Arkham Asylum is not just any institution for the criminally insane. It's the Ivy League of insanity. A "Harvard" for Psychopaths. Anything not described on the new inventory is contraband. Do not bring these items inside, no matter how small or commonplace they may appear. Bits and pieces do not fall through the cracks here. They fall into the hands of the best, the brightest and the sickest? - Jeremiah Arkham


Amadeus Arkham originally founded the Elizabeth Arkham Asylum for the Criminally Insane in the memory of his mother, whom he euthanized as treatment for her dementia. This historic facility was built on the grounds of Amadeus Arkham's historic mansion on the outskirts of Gotham City.

Amadeus personally treated its first inmate, Martin "Mad Dog" Hawkins, who had killed Arkham's wife and daughter. After being claimed sane enough to walk free, Martin was due to be released, until he took a fountain pen from Amadeus' desk and murdered Amadeus secretary. At some point, Martin went to the Botanical Gardens on the island and desecrated the statue that was raised by Amadeus in memory of his family. These many tragedies pushed Amadeus over the edge, and, during a session of electroshock therapy, Amadeus murdered Martin. Amadeus was later ruled insane and was incarcerated in his own asylum, where he died. His gravestone was located outside next to the Botanical Gardens.

The asylum gradually developed with new facilities such as the Penitentiary. However, it was eventually closed down soon before the Arkham Origins Incident. Once reopened, the facility was voted as the number one psychiatric and rehabilitation facility in the area, however the infamous reputation remained as more high profile criminals frequently managed to escape its walls. Often to be returned again by the Batman that admitted them in the first place.

Many of these criminals were known and greatly feared including the Joker, Killer Croc, Poison Ivy and several other of Batman's most dangerous enemies.


Over the years there have been many well known staff working in Arkham. All talented individuals but not all cut out for working in such a place. The Asylum can get into their heads.

Recently the facility has been run by Jeremiah Arkham, nephew of Amadeus. Security had been increased and all was going well until Jeremiah took on the persona of Black Mask during a riot.

Another top end staff member was Professor Hugo Strange. As a skilled psychiatrist, Strange believed he had managed to work out the identity of the Batman as Bruce Wayne. This led to an obsession with Batman and Strange used his medical experience to experiment with genetics and mind control to try and defeat him.

Strange also had an intern. Dr Harleen Quinzel was the psychiatrist assigned to the Joker. This led to her obsession with her Mr. J and leaving Arkham to live as Harley Quinn.

These were not the only Doctors that were affected. Jonathan Crane who became the Scarecrow and Thomas Elliot who took on the name of Hush had also worked at Arkham only to end up as possible inmates instead of staff.

One man has stood by the side of the law no matter what has happened though. Aaron Cash has worked as an Asylum Guard, Medical Personnel Guard and now a GCPD officer. Even with his fear of Killer Croc after being badly wounded my him, Cash has stayed as a valuable ally to Batman.

But Arkham Asylum still stands, still contains the worst Gotham has to offer and is still plays a major role in many of Batman's plans.







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The Batmobile has been Batman's main form of transport for a long time. Over the years it has had several different versions, but all have kept the same key features of speed, non-lethal weaponry, armour and the 'Bat' styling.

The most recent design from the Arkham Knight incident even has the ability to turn into a mobile tank-like vehicle with 360 degree movement, stealth and control remote control.

Kit made of high detail resin and white metal, ready to assembly and paint.

Assembly instructions and Game Card included.



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