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White metal kit ready to assemble and paint .
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I want this man dead. When I say "dead," I mean seriously dead. Beaten, broken. His head mounted-on-my-wall kind of dead!? - Black Mask


Roman Sionis is also known as the Black Mask. Head of the False Facers Society.

Raised in a well off family, Roman often heard of his parents dislike of the Wayne's of Gotham which in turn led to a dislike of young Bruce. He didn't like the 'masks' these sort of people wore in public. He preferred real masks and had quite a collection of them.

When Roman's parents didn't approve of his love Circe, he burned down the family mansion killing both of them and inheriting the family business.

Roman's life soon fell apart with the business going under and Circe leaving him. Blaming his parents for all that had happened, Roman broke into the family crypt, smashed his fathers ebony casket and carved a mask for himself to take on the new role of Black Mask.


Not long after, Black Mask had gathered several of Gothams mobsters and bosses into the False Facers Society and began to try and take down all who he had believed to have wronged him. Including Bruce Wayne.

This obviously led to confrontations with the Batman and gained Black Mask some time in Arkham Asylum.

He wasn't stopped by this though and went on to rule the majority of Gothams underworld crime scene. Taking control of any areas of crime he could, he began to cross paths with others in the city like Catwoman and the Red Hood. But Black Mask is resourceful. If he needed help he would hire it. All sorts of people from Mr Freeze to Deathstroke and even the Joker have worked for or with Black Mask at one time or another.



In the Batman Miniatures Game, Black Mask leads his crews to take what he wants.

Black Mask himself is a deadly foe. Armed with his Personal Gun and even Grenades, Black Mask likes to deal with problems before they reach him.

He is also very skilled at leading. He can increase the damage of his crew, change their plans and have them all working together when needed.

As a Sidekick, Black Mask employs the Corrupt Lieutenant Branden of the GCPD. This give Black Mask some well armed protection who can also bring along with him some other Corrupt Cops. Even a full SWAT team.


The Standard Henchmen in a Black Mask crew are cheap and basic. Armed with simple weapons, they may not look like much but are Brutal when the time comes.

As a Mob boss though, Black Mask can also enlist the help of Mobsters. Not as cheap but they bring some big guns with them.


As the Black Mask likes the right man for the job, Free Agents are perfect. Backing up the cheap Henchmen with dangerous combatants.

Deathstroke is a great choice here. Able to go toe to toe with Batman himself, Deathstroke earns his name 'the terminator' again ad again.

Another good choice would be Deadshot. If Black Mask wants someone taken down, he's going to hire the best assassins in the business to do it.


Overall, a Black Mask crew is the criminal underworld of Gotham at it's finest. Mafia, thugs, corrupt cops and even skilled assassins are all there to take down anyone that opposes Roman Sionis.

Black Mask Box contains Black Mask, Anatoly, Goon and Mesh.

Black Mask is a Leader for the Black Mask Gang.

Anatoly, Goon and Mesh are Henchmen for the Black Mask Gang.

White metal kit ready to assemble and paint .
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You..You really are incorruptible, aren't you? You won't kill me out of some misplaced sense of self -righteousness, and I won't kill you because you are to much fun. I think you and I are destined to do this forever? - The Joker


The Joker is one of Batman's oldest and greatest foes. A mirror of the Bat himself, the Joker stands for everything Batman is against. Chaos, disorder and crime without reason.

Possibly one of Batman's greatest failures when the Red Hood fell into a vat of chemicals, the Joker has plagued Batman, his allies and Gotham City ever since.

Nobody knows who he really is and even the Joker himself has told several different origin stories. If he's going to have one, he would prefer it to be multiple choice.

Seeing murder, chaos and his 'dance' with Batman as one big joke, the Joker is one of the most dangerous men Batman has ever faced. Using countless resources including his own Joker Gas, he tries to take down Gotham and 'Batsy' again and again. Only to end up each time in Arkham Asylum.

During one stay in Arkham, the Joker met Dr. Harleen Quinzel. A psychiatrist that developed an obsession with the Joker that led her to become Harley Quinn and follow her 'puddin' on his journey of insanity.

Some of the Jokers worst crimes include paralysing Barbara Gordon / Batgirl and killing Batman's own sidekick Jason Todd / Robin. Batman has sworn not to kill, but can the Joker push him over the edge?


Using a Joker crew in the Batman Miniatures Game is to bring chaos to the table.

A dangerous man in his own right with weapons like a poisoned knife, one shot gun and explosive teeth, the Jokers true strength comes from his ability to change his crews plans at the last minute with the use of Kaos Agent. This means your opponent can never really know what you are going to do until it's too late.

Having Harley Quinn as a Sidekick can help with the mass chaos as she can even change your opponents plans while her True Love for the Joker means she can become very dangerous if her 'puddin' is taken down. Or if you need some muscle instead, Mr Hammer is happy to help.

The Jokers Clown Henchmen are very basic fighters all armed with a range of different weapons. They are easy to take down one by one, but being cheap to hire, there can be enough on the table to pull off any crime. There are also a few Elite Clowns if you want some Henchmen that are a bit more resilient and hit harder.


The Joker crew has access to all sorts of Free Agents to help them out. Killer Croc adds some serious muscle to the crew when it's needed and is quick to move around to where he is needed via the sewers. Scarecrow can help keep the insanity under control while also messing with the opponents plans further by forcing models to activate first.


Overall, the Joker crew is great for anyone to play. Kaos Agent makes it easy on new players while messing with your opponents plans can be fun for more experienced players.


White metal kit ready to assemble and paint .

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"Ahh... the Batman. While I have an affection for most flying creatures... the winged rat is not among them." - The Penguin


Oswald Cobblepot, known as Penguin to most of Gotham, is one of the best villainous businessmen around. If you want a weapon, he has it. Want someone taken care of, he knows the perfect person to call.

Cobblepot started life teased as a child because of his short stature and bird-like nose earning him the nickname 'penguin' and when his father died of pneumonia, his mother made him carry an umbrella wherever he went which did not help with the rest of the worlds view of him. This led to Oswald becoming a nasty, resentful person that wanted to prove he could be better than those around him while he was growing up.

Cobblepot has a genius level intellect, amazing business sense, he's a tactical mastermind, oddly skilled fighter for his build and has obsessions with birds and his trusty umbrellas.

All of this has made him into the Penguin that now runs most of the crime in Gotham.

The Penguin can out-plan and out-think his opponents with ease but if things ever go wrong he has an entire arsenal of trick umbrellas to fall back on. Everything from guns and grapples to gas, hypnosis and even one that can fly.

His plans, schemes and crimes are often run using money from his legitimate businesses like the Iceberg Lounge and Iceberg Casino. If he needs help, he won't shy away from hiring the best in the world but only if he thinks he will come out better off in the end.


In the Batman Miniatures Game, the Penguin crew is all about money, resources and using them as best as you can to get the job done.

Oswald himself much more dangerous than he looks. Armed with an Umbrella Cannon and Umbrella Blade, he can dish out a lot of damage when he needs to and even has a bulletproof vest under his fine jacket for extra protection. He real strength though is getting his crew and others to do the work for him.

Penguin is Charismatic and a Lord of Business so can hire more Free Agents than most, better equip his own men and even take extra Loot Objectives.


The Penguin thugs are cheap but that also makes them numerous. Throw enough men at a problem and it can be solved. The Penguins extra equipment reserves let him arm his hordes well though. Assault Rifles, Automatic Guns and Grenades are not uncommon to see in the middle of the Thugs.

If the hulking Sickle joins him as a Sidekick, he can also bring along some more Elite Penguin Thugs when the extra skill is wanted.


Instead of hordes of Thugs, Penguin also has the options of hiring almost any Free Agent he needs with his Charisma and $$$ letting him choose people like Deadshot and Deathstroke on a regular basis as deadly assassins.

A couple of very good choices though are Catwoman and Mr Freeze. Freeze adds to the ranged threat of the well armed crew while Catwoman can jump around when your opponent is dealing with all the Thugs. Both also have Loot on their mind so the Penguins extra Loot Objective can help you bump up your VPs.


Overall, a Penguin crew is about strength in numbers. Either the number of bodies you have at your disposal or the number of deadly weapons and skilled assassins you throw at your opponent.

A great starting crew with several options and ways to play for the more experienced players.

White metal kit ready to assemble and paint .
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"Can a man live two lives?" - Two Face


Two Face a.k.a Harvey Dent.

Harvey was once the District Attorney for Gotham City. He was one of the best lawyers around but chose to take on the big crime families of the city. This led to Sal Maroni throwing acid at Dent in a court room and destroying half of his face.

Once Dent had recovered, he took on the name Two Face. He was obsessed with 50/50 chances, black and white, right and wrong. So much so that his own choices and decisions were based one a flip of a dual headed coin with one side scarred. If it came up heads, he would do good, let someone live and so on. If the scarred side came up though, Dent would follow the coin to commit terrible crimes. Even in the planning of his crimes, Two Face often included the number 2 as a trade mark or calling card. If the second bank of Gotham was robbed on the 22nd of the 2nd, Batman would know who the culprit was before he even arrived.


In the Batman Miniatures Game, a Two Face crew perfectly captures the character of Dent.

Before each round you flip a coin and either gain of lose an action counter. Two Face is a Master Marksman with his Thompson machine gun but is also just as happy to get up close and personal with some brass Knuckles.

Once he takes a model down, he flips a coin again to see if they live or die.

As the ex-DA, Two Face has links in the GCPD. This means that when needed he can be backed up by Brandon and a handful of corrupt cops of SWAT when needed.

The standard henchmen are a little tougher then they are in most others crews with extra Endurance. Armed with a range of weapons, they can even get a boost of extra Action counters once per game from their Leader.

If those choices weren't enough, Two Face's Mafia links also allow his to take some Elite Mobsters. Armed with Tommy guns and pistols, these Mobsters are as tough as they are deadly.


There are several good choices from Free Agents in this sort of crew. A couple of fitting ones could be the Riddler and Clayface.

The Riddler brings intelligence and trickery to the crew. Adding to the Take the Lead bag, scoring a lot from Riddle Objectives and confusing the enemy helps the Two Face crew take down opponents from every direction.

Clayface adds something the rest of the crew is missing. Pure raw close combat hitting power. His also brings even more resilience to an already tough crew.


All in all, a Two Face crew is packed full of choices, guns, tough Henchmen and luck. Are you willing to flip the coin?

White metal kit ready to assemble and paint .
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?I am Nature's arm. Her spirit. Her will. Hell, I am Mother Nature, and the time has come for plants to take back the world so rightfully ours!? - Poison Ivy


Pamela Isley was a botanical botanist that studied, with Alec Holland, under Dr. Jason Woodrue.

Dr. Woodrue chose Isley to experiment on by injecting her with with poisons and toxins.

This turned her into the femme fatale now known as Poison Ivy.


Ivy is a deadly eco-terrorist that stands for the protection of all plant life by taking down anyone that threatens the environment. She uses her abilities such as poisons, hypnotic spores, pheromones and an ability to control plants to complete her goals.

Living in Gotham City has lead to several confrontations with Batman and regular stays in Arkham Asylum. Being one of the only mean she can't control, Ivy it set on beating the Batman one day.


Poison Ivy has been known to work with others like her such as her old school friend Swamp Thing But she also has a very close friendship with Harley Quinn. After the two of them became involved with the fight around Hush, they were joined by Catwoman and became the Gotham City Sirens. The Sirens were only around for a short time and then went their separate ways. Ivy and Harley still keep in touch though and often appear to help each other out when needed.


In the Batman Miniatures Game a Poison Ivy crew is a little different to others available as she is able to control plants as well as normal Henchmen.

Ivy herself is a deadly woman. Often using poisons on her enemies she can also utilise Controlling Pheromones to Hypnotise her opponents and turn the tides of a game.

Her sidekick support comes in a couple of different forms. Hush is a ranged specialist that can lead the crew if Ivy falls, or there is Swamp Thing who is pure muscle and very resilient to damage.


Ivy's main Henchmen are her Elite Plants. These can be placed around the board with seeds and grown when needed to cover an entire area around them. Some varieties include Spore shooters and Creepers that lash out and grab. The Plants can't control Objectives though so it's a good idea to bring some support in the form of Blackgate Prisoners to do the things the Plants aren't able to.


The other Gotham City Sirens can be taken as Free Agents. Harley Quinn joins with an Affinity to Ivy and brings acrobatic movement and a VERY big mallet. Catwoman adds to the movement and agility of the crew and becomes very handy to head for Loot.


Overall, a Poison Ivy crew is a very different play style to most crews with the inclusion of the Plants but is it's versatile enough to be built how you want. Area denial, poison, agility, muscle and ranged attack are all there to use.

White metal kit ready to assemble and paint .
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